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About Rename Project Directory...

You use Visual Studio because it just works and keep improving with features from the FOSS community. But you use git and noticed that Visual Studio won’t let you rename your project directory according to the source in GitHub. Your project used to be called FOO until the development pivoted and you renamed everything to BAR but the source code still has a directory named FOO hanging around.

Rename Project Directory does one thing Visual Studio can’t do - rename any project directory without breaking code. Onboarding the next new developer will go that much simpler when the new project names and directories make sense.

Visual Studio will let you rename anything within its environment any way you like - within the environment. But the real names for project directories in fact remain what you first named the project when you initially created it. Inevitably this initial name will result in a conflict as the project evolves and components need to be refactored. When no one ever looked under the covers that was fine, Visual Studio would create an alias in the project (*.sln) file and all would be well. But in a Microsoft ecosystem world with git, GitHub, and the bash shell these directories need renaming - now you can do it - with Rename Project Directory.


  • Actually rename your Visual Studio project directories.

There are three niggling problems in programming: getting the loose-coupling vs cohesion designed right, fence-post errors, and naming - and we just make naming easier.


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