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Freytag & Company, LLC offers business utilities for data archival and compliance. Developers value our Microsoft Store publishing and app translation tools. Our consulting clients appreciate the efficient quality of our delivered solutions.

A Brief History

Established in 1997, Freytag & Company, LLC has been working with the intelligence and defense communities to develop innovative software solutions. Now, both these revolutionary ideas and unique software written to simplify the process of government contracting are being brought to the public.

Much of the work done for the government has centered around the idea of "Brands." These are persistent private identities that communicate completely securely over a network similar to the "Tor" network. The creation of these identities involve the annotation of content based on user interest resulting in a series of unique and anonymous "Brand" for each user. This concept became the underpinning for Marginalia.

While developing these ideas, new administrative techniques had to be created to allow one person to focus on the demands of developing new and complex software while handling the regulatory demands of the government. Years of experience have refined these programs into an easy-to-use seamlessly integratable suite that gives back all the hours spent by small contractors trying to create financial deliverables that satisfy the auditing and archival process.

Team & Skills

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    Richard Freytag Founder/Architect

    35 yrs of I.T Experience

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    Jignesh Desai Developer/Lead

    15 yrs of I.T Experience.