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About AbleRep Form 211 Introduction...

What if your forms were as fun as Candy Crush?

They’d be filled in quickly and people would do a great job in the process.

AbleRep saves you time by increasing the quality of the reports you receive. No more wading through half-completed or erroneous submissions, AbleRep’s user-engagement techniques make every report a good one.

AbleRep is a suite of external-facing reporting applications initially focused on tax fraud that Freytag & Company, LLC is developing to educate and engage users as they supply your organization the information it needs. AbleRep fixes problems with forms needing a lot of manually-supplied data by teaching the user step-by-step what is needed while maintaining fun engagement.

Paper forms are passive so portions are often skipped or incomplete. Due to limited space on paper, only a sentence or two is given to explain what is being asked; and the fields are often too small. Even web-forms, though not always constrained by size, usually require being online, and the answers have to be provided all at once. And web-forms offer no privacy at all.

AbleRep entertains while it educates the user on how to complete complex forms. Any government form can be augmented with tooltips, backing examples and additional explanations, so that user absolutely knows what is expected. Engagement is enhanced with quizzes and trivia that focus the user on how great a service they are providing to your organization by their full and accurate report.


  • Good reports that get read
  • Add pictures and documents
  • Comes in many languages
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Teaches and encourages completion


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Please email us at to let us know of features you would like to have added or bugs needing fixing.

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