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Privacy and consent disclaimer; Please read before using this website.

I. Introduction

Freytag & Company, LLC, ("we", "our" and "us"), is a small company that needs to use its time getting on with building great products so lets keep things simple and clear. Here, "you" and "your" refers to you the user, customer, or client.

This code probably has bugs. Our products are provided "as is" with no expressed or implied warranty. Current software technology has not advanced to the point that software products can be both cost-effectively delivered to market and be bug-free. That means we have made a best effort to protect you from privacy and security bugs in our products but we cannot promise the absence of bugs in them. We have made and will make a best-effort to fix privacy or security bugs when they occur and alert you either directly or through public channels of the nature and extent of a privacy or security breach if any occurs.

II. Information Collection

We have no interest in profiting from your personally-identifiable information and will not do so. We will not sell your information to anyone. We will not lend or covertly share your information to anyone outside our company (not to Google, Facebook, etc.), unless we believe or have been informed by United States of America ("USA") law-enforcement that you may be violating USA law and in that case only in support of the law and not ourselves. If a link between our product and some external service is made beyond those already mentioned, you will be asked before that link is made and before your personally-identifiable information is shared with that external service.

When supporting you directly, we will certainly have to see your personally-identifiable information if we happen to collect it. If you are doing something we believe or have been told by USA law-enforcement is illegal by the USA law, we may be compelled to act on that information (much like your lawyer or accountant might be compelled). Please use this product with that possibility in mind. We don't want to have to choose between your privacy and security and the law.

We will likely collect information about you as a part of your usage of this product. Usually, this information will be passed through third-party services with whom we have a contractual relationship to protect your information. This information may have personally identifiable information but we will not intentionally release your information other than to the aforementioned services. Accidents and bugs can happen to anybody and might happen to us so your information might be released outside the company. We advise you to use this product with the potential for information release in mind.

III. Third-party Restrictions

Applications that use the following third-party services have these additional restrictions as applicable:

  1. Use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will also adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. Google API Services User Data Policy
  2. Microsoft Privacy Statement

IV. Contact Us

If you have an issue with any of the above, please do not use our products and feel free to contact us at to discuss your feedback.